Thimon de Jong


Thimon de Jong is a passionate, high-energy speaker who excels in storytelling and interactivity. His talks focus on how people will behave in future and what this means for your organsiation today.

Thimon de Jong the founder of WHETSTON / strategic foresight, a think tank on on future human behaviour, business strategy & leadership. His expertise is answering the question: how will people behave in the future and what does this mean for leaders & their organisation’s strategy?

Thimon travels the world as a speaker and executive trainer. He also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University.

His very popular keynotes are rooted in research and always include a series of practical, strategic take-aways.


Leading in Times of Digital Transformation
How to be a leader for a digital future? And how to strike the perfect digital balance between the digital and the physical?

High-Trust Leadership in Low-Trust Times
What can leaders do to increase trust – in their organisations and in themselves? How will high-trust partnerships be build in the 2020’s?

Ethical Leadership: Connecting Profit & Purpose
Society is looking increasingly at organisations and their leaders to lead when it comes to solving problems the world is facing. But what does this practically mean for leaders?


The Human Side of New Tech
A deep-dive into the human response to the rapid digitalisation of society. How to match the rational acceptance of new tech with the emotional side?

The Trust Transition & Future Ethics
What are the implications of our low-trust / post-truth society? What actions can organisation take in the 2020’s and what role will ‘ethics’ play?

Gen Z
Are you ready for the REAL next generation? Understanding the main characteristics of Gen Z will prove to be a wake-up call any future oriented leader.


Thimon de Jong
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  • The Human Response to Future Digitalisation
  • The Trust Transition
  • The Future of Work, Jobs and Employment


What people say about Thimon de Jong

“Absolutely. Engaging. Inspiring. Motivating. Enlightening. Couldn’t ask more of a speaker.”


“His expert views put a totally new light on current reality, and most importantly, where to go next.”


“Insight, inspiration and wonder.”


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