Rasmus Hougaard

Rasmus Hougaard is the founder and CEO of Potential Project, thought leader in the area of human-centered leadership, HBR and Forbes contributor, author and Thinkers50 business thinker.

Rasmus Hougaard: A Leader in Human-Centric Management

Rasmus Hougaard is more than just a business thinker; he’s a transformative figure in leadership and organizational well-being. Through his company Potential Project, keynote speeches, and acclaimed publications, he seeks to establish a more compassionate and effective work environment. 

The Potential Project: Pioneering a Human World of Work

Potential Project, founded and managed by Rasmus Hougaard, aims to create a more humane work environment. The firm has carried out comprehensive research on over 75,000 leaders in over 100 countries. It’s not just about numbers, though; Potential Project incorporates Eastern philosophies into its framework. Rasmus himself has spent considerable time in monasteries in the East to learn and teach about mental clarity and high performance. What sets the firm apart is its emphasis on combining compassion with performance, solidified through collaborations with the likes of Dalai Lama.

Books that Spark Change

As one of Harvard Business Review’s most-read authors, Rasmus’ work has illuminated new paths in leadership. His book “The Mind of the Leader” is an eye-opener, offering key insights into effective leadership for today’s complex business landscape. His latest book, “Compassionate Leadership,” draws on global data to show that balanced leadership results in higher levels of employee engagement, performance, and well-being.

A Speaker Unlike Any Other

Rasmus Hougaard has led over 1,500 keynotes and workshops and has been engaged by global giants like IKEA, Accenture, and Wal-Mart. At the WorkHuman conference, he was even voted as the number one speaker, a testament to his impact. Rasmus speaks not just from research but also from a wealth of personal experience, making his talks deeply authentic and relatable.

The Man Behind the Mission

Rasmus lives his philosophy. Based in Copenhagen with his family and two cats, he’s a living testament to work-life balance. He not only leads by example in his professional life but also maintains a mindful lifestyle that brings a holistic approach to leadership and well-being.

Empower Your Organization with Human-Centric Leadership

Inspired by Rasmus Hougaard’s vision for a more human-centric work environment? Don’t miss the chance to learn directly from him. Contact us to book Rasmus for your next leadership event or corporate function and elevate your organizational well-being and effectiveness.

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