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Three steps to making the most of Speaker Ideas' over 25 years of experience to help you find the perfect speaker for your event

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Define Your Event Goals and Target Audience: Begin by pinpointing the primary objectives and themes of your event, as well as the specific interests and needs of your target audience. Keep in mind the desired outcomes, such as motivating action, sharing knowledge, or fostering networking and collaboration. A comprehensive understanding of your objectives and audience will assist you in identifying the ideal guest speaker who can deliver a message and experience that resonates with your attendees.


Discover Speaker Categories and Expertise at Speaker Ideas: Explore the wide range of speakers available at Speaker Ideas, organized into categories like Leadership & Change, AI & Digital Transformation, Motivation & Inspiration, and more. Utilize these categories to find speakers who align with your event’s theme and goals. Examine their expertise, background, and speaking history to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively engage and inspire your audience.


Connect with Speaker Ideas for Tailored Recommendations: Contact the Speaker Ideas team to discuss your event objectives, audience, and specific needs. We will offer customized speaker suggestions based on your requirements, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your event. We can provide additional details on speaker fees, availability, and presentation styles, helping you through the process of choosing and booking the ideal guest speaker for your event. And we make the process from booking the speaker through to the arranging of briefing calls, travel and other logistics as simple and straightforward as possible.

Eithne Jones

About Speaker Ideas

With over 25 years’ experience Speaker Ideas has develped a global network of Speakers who cover such topics as: Leadership & Change; AI, Digital Transformation and Innovation;
Global Economics and Political Affairs; Sustainability and Environment; Motivation and Inspiration.

All our speakers are leaders or experts who can inspire, educate, challenge and entertain audiences around the world.

Our focus is on meeting our clients’ needs by matching you with the most relevant and engaging speakers to deliver for your events.

Speaker Ideas provides a highly personalized service to take care of all the details,  from the first conversations about event objectives, through the speaker selection, logistics and briefing process and ending with a post-event debriefing. We aim to keep things simple for you.

Since Speaker Ideas was founded over twenty five years ago by Eithne Jones, we have been meeting the needs of top corporate clients in Europe, America and Asia.

In that time Eithne Jones has built a strong network of loyal clients and speakers through her strong business values of openness, reliability, speed and integrity.

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