Jamie Anderson

Professor Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson, a.k.a. ‘the stand-up strategist’ helps to boost management teams’ creative and innovation capabilities, and challenges them on their strategic thinking.

In his keynotes, webinars, workshop and masterclasses, Professor Jamie Anderson focusses on helping corporate leaders to develop an understanding of how to boost individual and collective creative thinking, and to get an appreciation of why so many companies look to creativity as an important strategic capability.

Jamie is Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School and Visiting Professor at ESMT, INSEAD & DUKE CE. Named as a “management guru” by the Financial Times, Jamie has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review.

Jamie’s research and teaching focuses on the impact of the Internet and digital technologies upon business and the individual, and he is frequently called upon to lead seminars and consult on issues related to the adoption of technology by consumers and the impact of the networked digital society.  In parallel he is a recognised expert on creativity, innovation and change, and he has extensive experience in boosting the creativity of organisations around the world.

His articles on creativity and innovation have appeared in some of the world’s leading international journals, including MIT Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, and the Journal of Business Strategy, and his ideas have been quoted in outlets such as Business Week, the Economist, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Jamie has extensive experience across many different industries, with especially strong insights into the Automotive, Financial Services, Technology & Telecommunications, Professional Services, and Fast  Moving Consumer Goods sectors.

As well as keynote speeches, Jamie can deliver one-day or multi-day workshops to boost management teams on their creative and innovation capabilities, and challenge them on their strategic thinking to develop sustainable business success. These can be done in-person or virtually, as he can still speak with your team from miles away on camera and even though it is a virtual space, Jamie will provide thoughtful and team-building workshops. The distance will no longer be a barrier for your team. 

Jamie brings a winning combination of content and performance – whose speaking style has earned him the nickname ‘stand-up strategist’.

When there is a requirement for a high-energy and inspiring keynote that encourages individuals to reflect upon the self-belief, entrepreneurial attitudes and innovative thinking that will help them to be successful in an increasingly complex digital world, Jamie Anderson fits the brief.

What people say about Professor Jamie Anderson

“An online event with Jamie is really an awesome experience. His drive, interactivity, and sense of humor makes the audience instantly fall in love with him. He recently hosted a series of webinars for my senior sales managers. Sales people aren’t the most easy to please and can be easily distracted. But they were completely engaged by the fascinating content and level of dialogue. The way that Jamie involves people in a virtual session is really impressive – it really made the time fly. It just feels Jamie is in the room with you.”

” It is not often you get Scandinavians to stand up and interact as much as you did during your presentation – great to watch! The “meat” of the presentation also stuck with the audience I believe – I for one will try to stop and think about how to solve a task before jumping to the easiest solution or the “way I’ve always done it.”

“Our delegates loved Jamie – he was rated as the best speaker of the day! The insights gained from his presentations are invaluable – in life and work. He made a lasting impression. It was also such a pleasure making the arrangements with Jamie, he was very accommodating.”

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