Philip Keil


Philip is taking his “passengers” on an exciting journey. From his experiences of two decades of flying he derives pathbreaking brainstorming for decider and teams on the ground. It’s this practical change of perspective making his keynotes adventures.


At the age of 22 Philip Keil was ranked among Germany‘s youngest airline pilots, based in the US, the UK and Canada. His flight log proves his impressive experience. He has done over 8,000 flying hours, thousands of take-offs and landings on four continents and in almost every climate zone. However, on February the 24th 2009 his life changed forever. Within seconds, a routine flight turns into a nightmare for the crew and almost 200 passengers. Philip Keil manages to avoid the catastrophe and reflects: „No one wishes for this to happen. But this near-death experience let me personally grow. Every challenge is a chance when we are ready to face it.“


Traveling means inspiration. On this journey, beyond one’s own nose, Philip Keil takes his „passengers“. As a multiple awarded keynote speaker he represents inspiration and transfer of knowledge of the extraordinary kind. For years he is awarded as international TOP100 Excellent Speaker. Ever since he has reached tens of thousands of people all across Europe with his life story and his success impulses. In 2019 Philip Keil was nominated for the Red Fox Award as the keynote speaker of the year. Moreover, with „Sprecherhaus“ and „GEDANKENtanken“ he gives speeches at Germany’s leading public speaking events with more than 60.000 participants.

Non-fiction Author 

For Philip Keil, his passion about flying and traveling was always linked to the attitude towards life, to widen the personal horizon. His audio book „How to handle crisis“ (2016) and his recent book „You are the pilot!“ (2019) is dedicated to the topics of confidence and self-leadership. He takes his readers on a very personal journey through his life on four continents. Additionally,  based on these stories he derives 10 core values for a self-determined and fulfilled life. On a regular base, Philip Keil writes articles for various business magazines and newspapers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Expert on TV

His extraordinary background as commercial pilot and non-fiction author makes Philip Keil a well-demanded interview guest on TV. As an expert for self-leadership, decision-making and communication he gives viewers exciting insights of his world above the clouds. Furthermore, his unique life story shows that only when you are in control of the steering wheel, you can give your life its own direction. Other than that, Philip Keil is also an aviation expert regularly in front of the camera.

Family Person 

No airplane would stay in the air without being trimmed properly. Balance is much more important than thrust. As pilot and public speaker Philip Keil travels the world for almost two decades. However, the checkpoint in his life is his family, his home is the place to refuel. He is married to Lisa since 2012. The birth of their daughters Maria (2016) and Valerie (2019) made their luck complete. Philip Keil lives with his family in Kirchheim near München.

Keynote Topics

Crash or land on the dot? The team makes the difference!

Flying is all about teamwork. But what is the secret of agile teams? Their variety. Beyond rigid hierarchies, different roles, perspectives and experiences enable to learn from each other quickly and to act as a community. In these fields aviation sets new, unconventional standards.

Philip Keil opens the cockpit door and allows extraordinary insights in a team culture of trust and own initiative. This multiple awarded keynote speech rethinks leadership – exciting and including concrete practical tools.

  • Why teams fail and the tools every „captain“ should know about
  • If you cannot take the next exit: human factor to replace the mental autopilot
  • Vote of confidence: Count on clear roles, not on rigid hierarchies

Topics: teamwork, leadership, confidence.

Decision points – confident decision-making in turbulent times

Neither in the cockpit nor in life everything runs according to our plans. No matter how good the plan is. What a makes a leader on the ground and up in the air, is their handling of sudden changes. A crisis sharpens our view of what leadership essentially is: making courageous decisions, straight-forward crisis communication and target-related error culture. Philip Keil speaks about the “decision point” of his life and transfers strategies of professional pilots on change processes in the economy and in our society. His credo: A crisis shows us our weaknesses, but it reminds us on our strengths, as well. Both aspects arise valuable chances.

  • Reaching goals means reaching people: leading in a crisis
  • Decision points: how to master change and to make huge decisions
  • Learning from crisis means learning from mistakes: how to live positive

Topics: error culture, crisis management, change.

You are the pilot – new goals require a precise compass

Every change in life begins with a single picture in our mind. A vision. What meaning has our “inner compass” and what keeps us often at times from following it? Get excited about a motivational keynote in the area of conflict of ratio and intuition, control and confidence, routines and change. The „business-mastermind“ (econo magazine) abets to leave comfort zones and to change perspectives.

  • Personal responsibility as success factor: which impulses let us get into action
  • Confidence is the fuel for success: change requires a focus
  • Inner compass: about the power of intuition and the courage to follow it

Topics: motivation, success, innovation. 

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  • Crash or Landing On The Dot? The Team Makes The Difference
  • Confident Decision-Making in Turbulent Times
  • You Are The Pilot! New Goals Require a Precise Compass


What people say about Philip Keil

Our executives have rated your talk as top class. Only the popcorn was missing.

Rene Behr, HR Director, IWC

You had 100% attention in the hall from the very first second. Your keynote speech was still being talked about in our offices weeks later. Thanks a lot for this!

Martin Staudigl, HR Director, Richemont

Thank you very much for your speech – extremely exciting! I have actually integrated your strategies into my workplace.

Achim von Michel, BVMW

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