Vanessa Evers

Vanessa Evers, renowned for her expertise in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction, delivers compelling keynotes on the interplay between humans and intelligent systems.

Vanessa Evers: A Beacon of Innovation in Technology

Vanessa Evers stands at the forefront of technological advancement and human-centered design. As the Director of the Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity and a full professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, her contributions to the field of Computer Science are monumental. Vanessa’s journey in the realm of technology began with a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Open University, UK. Her academic and professional path is a testament to her dedication and passion for advancing human-media interaction.

Bridging Humans and Intelligent Systems

The crux of Vanessa’s research delves into the intricate relationship between humans and autonomous systems, such as robots, through a socio-cultural lens. This encompasses the detection of multi-modal human behavior, designing AI agents that adhere to social norms, and evaluating their impact on society. Her work not only enhances our understanding of human-computer interaction but also sets the stage for more intuitive and beneficial interactions between humans and machines. 

A Pillar in Academia and Beyond

Vanessa’s role as a Professor of Human Media Interaction at the University of Twente and Founder of the DesignLab underscores her commitment to multidisciplinary research. Her tenure at the University of Twente has been marked by significant achievements, including over 80 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals and conferences. Vanessa’s expertise is recognized worldwide, with positions on Program Committees of major conferences such as ACM/IEEE HRI, ACM SIGCHI, and more.

Throughout her career, Vanessa Evers has been honored with numerous awards, highlighting her impact on the field. From winning the best thesis prize awarded by the Dutch National Society of Registered Information Specialists to receiving the 2014 Opzij talent award, her contributions have been consistently recognized. Vanessa’s role as an editor for the International Journal of Social Robotics and her involvement in the ACM International Human Robot Interaction Steering Committee further amplify her influence on global technology research.

Book Vanessa Evers To Speak At Your Next Event!

Vanessa Evers is not just a researcher and educator; she is a visionary keynote speaker whose presentations illuminate the path of technological innovation and its implications for humanity. Her speeches are a blend of academic rigor and accessible insights, making her an ideal speaker for corporate events looking to inspire and educate their audience about the future of technology and human interaction.

Interested in having Vanessa Evers as a keynote speaker at your next event? Discover how she can transform your conference or meeting with her profound insights and engaging presentation style. Please visit our contact page for more information and booking inquiries.

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  • Human Computer Interaction – Working with Robots towards a better future
  • The Rise of Social Robots
  • Ethics of Robotics