Rik Vera

Rik Vera

Rik draws on years of business experience at C-level in sales and marketing-related functions to discuss the customer-centric strategies and change management in light of major digital disruption.

After a successful over 25 year career at C-level in global industry leading manufacturing companies – where he was always able to outrun competition, developing new business models combining the latest technology and extreme customer centricity – Rik Vera started to travel the world to inspire companies, managers, teams, customers and audiences to develop their own Day After Tomorrow-strategies.

Rik Vera has been giving over 1000 keynotes, lectures and workshops in many countries. He has been guiding and coaching hundreds of small to very large international companies and their leaders on their journey to the Day After Tomorrow.

Rik does not bring a silver bullet, nor does he pretend there is a script. He shares his experience, he shares his profound knowledge of all things that happen in the innovation scenes, but above all, he shares his passion to create business models that are future-proof.

Rik Vera knows how to create that vibrating but not hostile discomfort and how to make people smile and hungry for change.

Rik Vera will shake, rattle and roll. He will challenge the status quo. He will roast the strategy. He will demystify the hypes of the day.

What people say about Rik Vera

“Rik Vera delivered a high energy and entertaining keynote at our senior management forum in Tallinn. He managed to unnerve the group, showing what customer centricity really is about – in a way challenging the very essence of retail banking. He successfully created urgency for our management teams to act on the future, and at the same provided the tools to do it as well as the assurance that it is doable.”

“Having Rik Vera as a keynote speaker during our flagship customer event, was a guarantee for high scores on the after-event evaluation forms.

Rik knows exactly how to bring across the message that curiosity is the key to innovation and as such “did not kill the cat, rather a lack of curiosity did”. Rik’s speech was perfectly in line with the expectations of the audience to get inspired about next level digitization and how to prepare for the day after tomorrow. Apart from a key-note speech Rik also moderated a panel, discussing hands-on techniques and providing the audience with practical tips and tricks to apply to their daily jobs. Working with Rik is never boring and a guarantee for delivering a great customer experience.”

“Being on the stage at the INFOCOM 2019 Conference in Kolkata, India with Mr. Rik Vera, was an intriguing experience. He charmed the audience with his wisdom, knowledge which was punctuated with humour. He connected well and was very receptive to the questions asked by me as moderator and also by the audience. Overall it was a good experience for me to be with him on stage both as a listener and as a moderator.”

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