Pellegrino Riccardi

For over 30 years, Pellegrino Riccardi has excited and delighted audiences all over the world with a style of public speaking that brings together the ability to present complex ideas in a simple and accessible way, which is then wrapped up in a seamless fusion of masterful storytelling and observational humour.

Cross cultural expert, motivational speaker, teacher, communications consultant and even a world-touring rock musician,  Pellegrino Riccardi has spent the last 30 years travelling the globe connecting with people. The common thread running through these many roles is making a connection with audiences through their hearts and minds, and also helping the people he communicates with, to connect and interact more effectively with each another, which today is the essence of his role on stage as an international keynote speaker.

Pellegrino Riccardi is a global keynote speaker, motivator and facilitator. For the past 30 years, Pellegrino has travelled the globe helping people interact more effectively with one another, especially those who work in a multicultural environment. Pellegrino Riccardi was born in the UK to an Italian family, and today lives in Norway. His combination of these three distinct cultures, provides him with the insight to help other better understand the cultures they live within and in turn better communicate with others.

Pellegrino is widely recognized as being one of Scandinavia’s top cross-cultural experts and inspirational speakers. His customers include a wide and diverse range of international organizations from a variety of professions, including banking and finance, oil and gas, shipping, government and public sector, education, television, media, and many more.

Pellegrino provides keynote speeches on a variety of topics, including how to build corporate cultures, how to create vibrant work environments, how to get the best out of yourself and others around you, as well as other human-interaction fields such as how to create unforgettable customer experiences, sales and negotiations. The son of an immigrant and an immigrant himself, Pellegrino has recently become more and more involved in the pressing issues of immigration and refugees, helping people deal better with the influx of diverse and often conflicting cultural values.

Pellegrino is a published author and appears regularly on Norwegian national television providing his insights on Norwegian culture and immigration issues.

What people say about Pellegrino Riccardi

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pellegrino both as a colleague and a customer. Pellegrino is giftedwith a unique ability to communicate with all kinds of audiences. In particular his use of personal stories adds a special sense of credibility to his content and message. Also, his stage presence and timing are very impressive. The topics Pellegrino covers in his presentations are as equally valid and relevant in people’s personal lives as well as their professional lives. Education or entertainment? I would say Pellegrino scores a bullseye on both!”

“Pellegrino Riccardi was our moderator for InnoTown 2014 and 2015. On both occasions, Pellegrino displayed a truly unique ability to lead our international audience through two intense conference days. Always well-prepared, Pellegrino is both knowledgeable and highly entertaining at the same time. With his warm, disarming and humorous style, Pellegrino displays a rare ability to seamlessly link everything together. Pellegrino received unanimous praise from both the InnoTown attendees and the conference speakers themselves. We look forward to having Pellegrino back for more upcoming Innotown conferences.”

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  • Small Changes, Big Difference: how to give your customers unforgettable experiences
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Cultural differences / Culture-building in your organisation
  • Teambuilding & Motivation
  • Branding, Customer Service and Consumer Behaviour