Your 2024 (sales) kick-off speakers

sales kick-off speaker

Great speaker ideas for your 2024 (sales) kick-off

The start of a new year symbolizes a fresh beginning, a clean slate and for businesses, it is an opportune time to invigorate teams with renewed energy and focus. Sales Kick-off events are not just for the sales team anymore; they serve to inspire, educate and entertain a broad spectrum of audiences, from your in-house teams to clients and prospects. So, who better to lead this rallying cry than a motivational speaker who knows how to connect, engage, and inspire? 

Why Sales Kick-offs are not just for sales teams

Before diving into our list of top speakers, it is essential to clarify that although traditionally termed “Sales Kick-off,” these events can benefit non-sales audiences as well. Whether you are rallying your team or engaging clients and prospects, the fundamental goal remains the same: to inform and inspire.  

As we embark on a new year, these speakers serve as catalysts, infusing your audience with the exhilarating feeling that comes from new opportunities and better ways of overcoming challenges.

Why not hire a sports speaker for you kick off event?

If you read our earlier blog on sports speakers, you will remember how effectively they can motivate a crowd. They also make excellent Sales Kick-off speakers, imparting teamwork and performance lessons from the field to the boardroom. Their ability to connect with and energize a crowd can set the perfect tone for your event, infusing your team or clients with the same winning spirit and determination seen in the world of sports. Consider the impact a sports speaker can have on your kick-off event’s success. 

Moving on from sports speakers, here are our top 10 Sales Kick-off speakers

Eímear Noone

Eímear Noone is a dynamic speaker renowned for her expertise in breaking down barriers that hinder collaboration within teams. With a wealth of practical experience as a conductor and composer, she offers practical strategies to foster collaboration and teamwork. Her insights transcend traditional boundaries, encouraging individuals to work synergistically and create a harmonious team environment. Eímear’s engaging presentations, (imagine an audience of over 2.000 singing together in harmony)  inspire teams to overcome obstacles and achieve their collective goals, making her an ideal choice to ignite collaboration at your Sales Kick-off event. 

Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen is a tech serial entrepreneur and visionary who provides invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving tech landscape. His ability to decode technological trends and their impact on business makes him a strategic choice for your Sales Kick-off event. He combines the latest insights with a razor sharp wit and transfixing visuals to inspire, entertain, exhilarate and challenge global audiences.By hiring Peter, you equip your team with the knowledge and vision needed to leverage emerging technologies and seize opportunities in the digital age, ensuring your event sets the tone for innovation and future success. 

Nicole Malachowski

As someone who knows how to navigate through storms, literally and metaphorically, Nicole Malachowski focuses on leadership during crises. Her ability to lead in challenging situations, whether in the skies or the boardroom, makes her an ideal choice for your Sales Kick-off event. Nicole’s insights into resilient leadership during crises will inspire your team to weather any storm, fostering a resilient and adaptable sales force ready to conquer challenges and drive success in the coming year. 

Stephane Garelli

Stephane Garelli is an incredibly effective and memorable keynote speaker who dives into the intricate web of competitive forces shaping the business landscape in the upcoming year. With a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of global economics, Garelli offers invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. His humourous approach, coupled with his ability to decode these forces makes him a brilliant candidate to address audiences seeking to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an ever-evolving market. 


Katie King

Katie King delves into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and how it can revolutionize engagement both internally and externally. With over 30 years of consulting experience, Katie brings a unique blend of practical knowledge and visionary insights to the stage. Her expertise in AI and business transformation is a compass, guiding organizations towards a future of enhanced productivity, streamlined operations and customer-centric engagement. Katie’s engaging presentations empower teams to harness AI’s transformative power, making her the ideal choice to kick off your event with inspiration and actionable strategies. 

Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer, a renowned political scientist, offers a critical view of the geopolitical landscape, making him a compelling addition to your Sales Kick-off event. His insights into the risks and uncertainties of 2024 equip your team with a deeper understanding of global dynamics that could impact business. By hiring Ian, you empower your sales force and wider teams to make informed decisions, navigate complexities and adapt strategies, ensuring a resilient and forward-thinking team ready to tackle the year ahead. 

Andrew Bastawrous

In a world where ‘purpose’ has become a buzzword, Andrew Bastawrous redefines it and brings a fresh perspective in the modern business landscape. His expertise extends beyond buzzwords, offering a profound understanding of how a purpose-driven approach is pivotal for today’s organizations. By hiring Andrew for your Sales Kick-off event, you equip your team with insights on aligning their work with a meaningful purpose. This empowers them to foster stronger customer relationships, drive engagement and ultimately achieve greater success in the ever-evolving business world. 

Friederike Fabritius

Wall Street Journal best-selling author Friederike Fabritius delves into the fascinating realm of neuroscience, unveiling the secrets behind well-being and fostering sustainable relationships. Her expertise provides practical tools for maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. Hiring Friederike for your Sales Kick-off event equips your team with strategies to enhance their well-being, nurture productive relationships and optimize their performance. Her insights pave the way for a healthier, more engaged and high-achieving work force poised for success. 

Hajar Yagkoubi & Jahkini Bisselink

For those looking to understand the next generation, our favourite power duo Hajar Yagkoubi and Jahkini Bisselink offer a deep dive into Gen Z’s outlook on society, climate and work. Hiring Hajar and Jahkini for your Sales Kick-off event ensures your team is well-equipped to connect with and engage the future workforce. Their expertise opens doors to effective communication and collaboration with Gen Z, setting the stage for a successful year ahead.

Mark Schulman

Known for his “rockstar mindset,” drummer Mark Schulman offers insights into how attitude can set the tone for success or failure in any venture. With a revolutionary approach, he combines transformative insights and high-energy interactions. Mark’s experience with global icons like P!NK and Cher brings unparalleled energy and insight to his sessions. Holding the CSP designation, he promises professionalism and excellence. Attendees become part of the show, from pre-event preparations to personal post-event connections. Elevate your next event with Mark Schulman and make it an industry standout. Let’s rock your audience’s world! 

Speaker Ideas for your kick-off

No matter where you are holding your kick-off event, our global network ensures we can offer local options. Sales Kick-off events are a remarkable platform to unite teams and clients under a common narrative of inspiration and knowledge. The start of a new year is the perfect time to bring in speakers who can set the tone for the months to come. Choose wisely and the ripple effects could very well redefine your entire year. 

 So, why wait? Start planning your next kick-off event with one of these incredible speakers today! Interested in a different speaker for your Sales Kick-off event? Contact us, and together, we will find the perfect speaker tailored to your company’s needs to kick off the new year.