Gen Z Influence with Jahkini and Hajar

Discover the profound impact of Gen Z on the global workforce and market trends through the insights of Jahkini Bisselink and Hajar Yagkoubi, former United Nations Youth Representatives. Jahkini & Hajar delve into Gen Z’s values and their expectations from businesses.

Unraveling Gen Z’s Impact with Jahkini and Hajar

As we approach a pivotal shift in the global workforce, Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2010, is set to form a significant part of it. Jahkini Bisselink and Hajar Yagkoubi, as experts and former United Nations Youth Representatives, provide a compelling narrative on Gen Z’s influence, characterized by their substantial spending power and acute awareness of global trends. This influence is not just economic; it is also a catalyst for societal and corporate transformation.

Gen Z’s Values and Corporate Expectations

Jahkini and Hajar offer a unique lens into how Gen Z’s values dictate their lifestyle choices, from their professional paths to their consumer habits, and what they expect from businesses and brands. Their insights are crucial for companies looking to align with Gen Z’s ethos and expectations.

Jahkini Bisselink: Shaping Inclusive Futures

Jahkini Bisselink brings her extensive expertise to the realms of business and politics, advocating for more inclusive approaches for young people. As a member of Whetston, a strategic foresight think tank in Amsterdam, she focuses on emerging trends and their potential impact on leadership and business strategies, emphasizing the role of Gen Z in these arenas.

Hajar Yagkoubi: Advocating for Youth Inclusion

Similarly, Hajar Yagkoubi’s work with Network 2100 underscores the importance of incorporating young perspectives in corporate governance. She champions sustainability and a broader interpretation of prosperity, reflecting her commitment to redefining leadership in terms of social and environmental considerations.

Gen Z’s Global Dialogue

Both Jahkini and Hajar have actively engaged with numerous young individuals, steering conversations around sustainability, youth, and human rights. Their interactions with world leaders and multinational corporations highlight the significant role of Gen Z in shaping both current and future global dialogues.

In Jahkini’s words, “Generation Z grew up in a very turbulent world of terrorism threats, climate change and a pandemic. This creates stress and anxiety, but also a huge dose of empathy and the willingness to change things. ”

As Hajar says, “For Generation Z activism is not a choice but a fundamental necessity.”

The Corporate Relevance of Jahkini and Hajar’s Insights

As renowned keynote speakers, Jahkini and Hajar provide invaluable insights for corporate audiences on how to engage with Gen Z effectively. Their knowledge and passion illuminate the path for businesses to align with Gen Z’s values and expectations.

The expertise of Jahkini Bisselink and Hajar Yagkoubi in explaining Gen Z’s influence is indispensable for understanding and adapting to the evolving global workforce and market trends. For further insights into Gen Z’s impact or to engage Jahkini and Hajar as speakers, please visit our contact page. Their guidance is key for any organization seeking to navigate the dynamic environment shaped by Gen Z.

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