friederike fabritius

Friederike Fabritius

Friederike Fabritius, a renowned neuroscientist and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, transforms Fortune 500 companies with her innovative insights into brain-friendly work and change. As a sought-after keynote speaker, she is reshaping how executives worldwide approach thinking and learning to elevate corporate performance.

Discover the Insights of Friederike Fabritius for Your Next Event

Friederike Fabritius is a transformative keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and renowned neuroscientist who works with Fortune 500 executives around the globe to reshape how they think, innovate, and embrace change. Her groundbreaking insights and innovative approaches make her a sought-after expert and a jewel for any event looking to break the molds of conventional corporate paradigms.

Journey from the Lab to Corporate Brilliance

Ever curious about the mysteries of the human brain and human behavior, Friederike embarked on a journey in neuroscience. Her transition from the laboratory to management consulting exposed the discrepancies between neuroscience knowledge about optimal brain functioning and the prevailing business practices. This spurred her relentless quest to understand and apply neuroscience principles that lead to improved learning, collaboration, and peak performance in the corporate world.

Pioneering Works and Literary Contributions

Friederike’s commitment to neuroscience and optimal brain functionality is exemplified in her internationally translated and award-winning book, The Leading Brain. Her most recent work, The Brain-Friendly Workplace, has been a Wall Street Journal bestseller and introduces the revolutionary concept of Neurosignature Diversity, offering brain-friendly solutions pivotal for talent retention in the corporate environment.

Vision for a Brain-Friendly Future

Friederike’s aspiration is to integrate neuroscience principles into the corporate sector to foster enhanced collaboration, learning, and performance. She is dedicated to creating better and brain-friendly futures in both professional and personal life realms through practical and impactful applications of neuroscience principles.

Book Friederike for a Transformative Experience

Elevate your event and organizational thinking by embracing the revolutionary insights of Friederike Fabritius, a renowned neuroscientist and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Friederike’s groundbreaking perspectives and expertise in creating brain-friendly work environments can drive your organization to unparalleled heights of success and development. Don’t let this opportunity pass; empower your team to navigate change with the insights of neuroscience by booking Friederike for your event today!

What people say about Friederike Fabritius

“Friederike Fabritius took us on a fascinating journey into the human brain and helped us understand how to use the discoveries of neuroscience in the daily management of ourselves, our teams. and our organizations. Her stage energy, incredible passion and impressive knowledge hypnotized the participants of our conference and led to a completely different view on many issues related to leadership.”

“Friederike led a session for senior partners from over 50 countries that was very powerful – insightful and academically grounded yet very digestible and practical. It was a fascinating subject that was beautifully presented.”

“Mrs. Fabritius was invited as a keynote speaker to our annual management conference. She focused on creativity, our innovative capacity, and on the power of the organization. For the participants, it was a real eye-opener to examine these corporate subjects from the perspective of behavioral research, neuroscience and psychology. I was impressed by how Mrs. Fabritius was able to take her many years of experience in the field of behavioural research and psychology and apply them so well to a business context.”

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