Stephane Garelli

Professor Stephane Garelli, a towering figure in global economics, epitomizes expertise in competitiveness. With his deep involvement in world-class institutions and multiple influential roles, Garelli crafts the narrative on how nations, firms, and individuals navigate the complex terrain of global competitiveness.

Stephane Garelli: A Global Authority on Competitiveness

Renowned worldwide for his expertise in national and enterprise competitiveness, Professor Stephane Garelli has significantly influenced research and theory in this specialized field. As Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness and Strategy at the University of Lausanne and the founder of the World Competitiveness Center, his work synthesizes crucial aspects of competitiveness dynamics. 

Decades of Influence in World Economics

Professor Garelli’s formidable experience includes a 13-year tenure as managing director of the World Economic Forum and the Davos Annual Meetings, where global business and government leaders converge for critical economic dialogues. His leadership extended to significant financial institutions, having been Chairman of the FF Sandoz Financial and Banking Holding and part of the board of Banque Edouard Constant, under the larger Sandoz Foundation.

Contributions to Media and Public Service

Beyond academia and global economics, Stephane Garelli has impacted media and governance. He led Le Temps, Switzerland’s primary French-language newspaper, as Chairman for 15 years and contributed to his local community as an elected member of the Vaud, Switzerland Constitutional Assembly from 1999 to 2002.

A Pillar in Sports Economics and Sustainability

His expertise is further recognized in sports economics and legacy planning, evidenced by his role on the International Olympic Commission on Sustainability and Legacy. Garelli has spearheaded seminal studies analyzing sports events’ socioeconomic impacts on communities.

Authorship and Thought Leadership

A respected author, Garelli has been instrumental in global competitiveness discourse, initiating annual national competitiveness reports since 1989 and providing in-depth analyses for specific countries and regions. His books, including the best-selling “Top Class Competitors” and “Are You a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?”, reflect his profound understanding of the complex forces shaping global competitiveness. His frequent contributions to journals and global media reinforce his position as a go-to authority in the field.

Commitment to Global Competitiveness Development

Stephane Garelli’s influence extends to several international organizations, including the Thai Management Association, China Enterprise Management Association, and the World Wildlife Fund’s advisory committee. His active engagement with these entities underscores his commitment to fostering global competitiveness and sustainable development strategies.

Inviting Insights on Competitiveness

With a career enriched by diverse experiences, from guiding world-class economic forums to publishing influential works, Stephane Garelli invites audiences worldwide to delve into the intricacies of competitiveness. His insights are not just academic but are grounded in decades of observing, analyzing, and influencing world economic trends. Contact us here to book Stephane for your next event!

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