Aimee Mullins

Aimée Mullins has redefined what it means to be versatile. From the athletic field to the runway, the silver screen to the speaker’s podium, her life is a masterclass in breaking through conventional boundaries.

Aimée Mullins: A Trailblazer Who Embraces Adversity to Redefine Boundaries

Aimée Mullins is a living embodiment of breaking barriers and redefining norms. From setting world records as a double amputee athlete to gracing international fashion runways and starring in hit television shows, she has carved a unique path in multiple industries. An advocate, actor, and public speaker, Aimée’s life story is a testament to the power of embracing adversity. With a range of accomplishments as varied as they are impressive, she stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation, inspiring audiences worldwide through her advocacy work and signature keynote, ‘Embracing Adversity.’

A Pioneer on the Track and Beyond

Mullins holds the unique honor of being the first double amputee to compete in Division 1 NCAA track and field. She represented Team USA in the 1996 Paralympic Games and shattered world records in the 100m, 200m, and long jump. Aimée is a forerunner in adaptive sports, credited with popularizing the carbon fiber ‘cheetah leg’ prosthetic, now worn by over 90% of athletes with leg amputations.

Conquering the World of Fashion and Film

From the track to the catwalk, Aimée seamlessly transitioned into a successful fashion career. She became a global brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and strutted her stuff on international runways. She’s also turned heads in the world of acting with her roles in popular shows like Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” and she recently joined AppleTV+’s A-list ensemble cast in “EXTRAPOLATIONS.”

Advocate and Advisor to the World

2012 was a milestone year for Aimée; she served as Chef de Mission for the U.S. at the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London. Appointed by Hillary Clinton, Aimée also became part of the Council to Empower Women and Girls Through Sports. Her advocacy work extends to non-profit sectors and public speaking engagements on a wide range of subjects including body image, identity, and innovation.

Embracing Adversity

In her keynote, Aimée redefines our understanding of “crisis as usual” in today’s complex business environment. She offers an invigorating perspective on adversity, viewing it not as an obstacle but as an opportunity for innovation and growth. Her keynotes address the challenges facing today’s business leaders, dissecting them through the lens of her multifaceted life experiences, from the Pentagon to the Olympics and beyond.

A Life Celebrated and Honored

Aimée is one of the youngest inductees into the United States’ National Women’s Hall of Fame and is a highly respected public figure whose TED Talks have been translated into 42 languages. She was also involved in inducting Jane Fonda into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

A Personalized Touch

For those seeking a more custom experience, Aimée often hosts interactive Q&A sessions. These dynamic conversations provide a unique opportunity for the audience to engage with her on a wide range of topics.

What people say about Aimee Mullins

“Aimée was a huge hit at our user conference. She received a higher score in our attendee survey than any of the other 12 guest speakers we have featured. Her inspirational story and story-telling skill exceeded our very high expectations. We provided a rewarding and memorable experience for our customers. Thank you very much, Aimée!”

“Aimée was great! She gave a stellar performance – we ran short on time at the end and really left folks wanting more. I could listen to her all day and wish we could have. Thanks for everything.”

“Aimée’s keynote was a huge success at our event!  She was the closing keynote and received a standing ovation.   Many people have continued to reach out to relay how inspiring she was and what an impact she made on them that continues to resonate.  She did an excellent job at weaving our overall theme into her talk, as well as speaking to topics relayed by earlier speakers.  Her presence, passion, honesty and vulnerability are the perfect combination that reaches out, grabs the crowd, and keeps them engaged.  If you have the chance to book her or hear her speak – don’t miss the opportunity.”

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