Hajar Yagkoubi


Gen Z expert and Next Generation keynote speaker

Last Updated on 14 February 2022 by Elza Dabola

As a former UN Youth Representative Hajar has spoken to thousands of young people and is at the forefront of the sustainability, youth and human rights movements. She has led and continues to lead conversations on these topics with world leaders; such as PM Trudeau, PM Rutte, big corporations; such as KLM, ING and -of course- with her peers.

As part of Network 2100 Hajar advocates for the inclusion of young people in (supervisory) boards of corporations. She is a bridge between the corporate world and her activistic-generation and advocates for ways in which firms can embody sustainability, climate action and a broad definition of prosperity.

Together with her colleague Jahkini Bisselink (also a former UN Youth Representative) they have created a joint keynote “Gen Z: How We Choose, Why We Choose and Why Should You Care” where they guide you through the fascinating life compass of Gen Z.

Hajar Yagkoubi
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Last Updated on 14 February 2022 by Elza Dabola

  • Gen Z
  • Youth Participation
  • Climate Action Generation
  • Human Rights & Climate


What people say about Hajar Yagkoubi

Last Updated on 14 February 2022 by Elza Dabola

“Hajar had the most difficult task one can request of a speaker; to develop a 2 minute inspirational speech, addressing our wholesale banking clients, on the topic of climate change action. Not only did she bring a truly inspiring story, she delivered it flawlessly and we were impressed with her outstanding presenting skills. She was very highly rated by everyone that had watched the webinar. I can highly recommend Hajar as a speaker!”

Barbara van der Vlugt, Sponsoring & events expert ING

Last Updated on 14 February 2022 by Elza Dabola

“We worked with Hajar for the ITC’s Youth Ecopreneur Awards Pitch and Ceremony. She brought a lot of energy to a 2-hour virtual event, was very engaging in her moderation, and smoothly managed different tasks at the same time.”

United Nations, International Trade Centre

Last Updated on 14 February 2022 by Elza Dabola

“It is always a pleasure and honor to work together with Hajar. She impressively combines her knowledge of meaningful youth participation with her experienced moderating skills. We have worked more often with Hajar, but one of the highlights definitely is when she was moderating the Youth at Heart virtual forum. Hajar charismatically handled the main stage in which world leaders, CEOs and young people came together. Hajar is one of our to go to moderators!”

The Youth, Education and Work team – Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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