Yves Daccord

Yves Daccord

Renowned humanitarian leader, change maker and international strategist, he helps leaders to expand their horizons on critical issues shaping our future, and contributes to challenging and sharpening their strategic thinking to prepare for tomorrow.

Yves Daccord is a renowned humanitarian leader, seasoned executive, former Director-General at the International Committee of the Red Cross (2010-2020), and an international relations expert interested in the seismic global shifts currently emerging. As the chief executive of a global organisation employing 20,000 people in more than 100 countries, with a budget of over USD 2 billion, Yves spearheaded major institutional reforms in areas such as diversity, inclusion and people management; partnerships and stakeholder management; and innovation and technology.

Yves consistently strives to work on the frontlines of new global challenges, helping to define the humanitarian, political and societal agendas in our fast-evolving world, having refined its viewpoint through work conducted for the International Red Cross in some of the most difficult conflict zones and in negotiation with the some of the toughest leaders of the world. From this exposure, Yves provides thought leadership on the changing nature of our societies, leadership in extreme situations, the risks and opportunities of new technologies; data privacy and security; the role of business in global crises; and the importance of radical collaboration in a changing world.

In his (virtual) keynotes, workshops or facilitation work, Yves Daccord has an amazing ability to translate personal insight and understanding of real-world problems into solution-oriented visions of the future of our societies. His views on issues like trust, global security, people, and leadership are horizon-expanding – and his ability to make these relevant to business has a «knock-their-socks-off» impact on participants. He inspires his audiences with passion and purpose.

With long experience on global stages and platforms, he is highly regarded not only as an inspiring speaker and innovative thinker but also as a skilled MC and moderator. A former journalist, TV producer and international relations expert, Yves holds various titles and honors – including chair of the influential Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR); member of the Board of Trustees of the UK Overseas Development Institute (ODI); and recipient of an honorary doctorate in social sciences from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

What people say about Yves Daccord

With his exceptional oratory skills, Yves Daccord is certainly the guest speaker (in a real or digital way) to invite if you are looking to illustrating international issues in an open-minded, unbiased and comprehensive way.”

“Yves Daccord is a powerful thinker and an inspirational leader creating tangible value at the front-line of humanity’s most pressing problems. His views on issues like trust, global security, leadership are horizon-expanding – and his ability to make these relevant to business has had a « knock-the-socks-off » impact on Vanguard participants more than once. I highly recommend Yves to leaders and executives seeking a challenging discussion partner on the issues shaping our future.”

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