Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia is a renowned speaker specializing in positive leadership and happiness at work. A former director at the Coca-Cola Marketing and Happiness Institute, she now guides organizations towards increased success and satisfaction.

Silvia Garcia: Worldwide Expert on Positive Leadership and Happiness at Work

Silvia Garcia is a renowned global expert on positive leadership and happiness at work. Known for her pivotal role in the marketing success of Coca-Cola’s signature brand campaign “Open Happiness,” Silvia’s marketing prowess is internationally recognized.

Silvia Garcia’s Coca-Cola Journey

Silvia Garcia was the Global Coca-Cola Marketing and Happiness Institute Director, where she specialized in understanding the impact of emotions on our decisions as leaders, managers, and consumers. The Coca-Cola brand’s global success is often attributed to its emotional marketing, secret recipe, and employees’ creativity and performance – three areas where Silvia’s expertise shone brightly.

Bridging Marketing and Emotion

Silvia’s unique approach to marketing hinges on the powerful connection between emotions and consumer decision-making. Her campaigns are memorable, blending traditional marketing strategies with an understanding of emotional responses. The result is not just successful marketing campaigns, but initiatives that inspire happiness and positive emotions in their audiences.

Silvia Garcia: Speaker and Thought Leader

Beyond her impressive marketing career, Silvia is highly sought after as a speaker and thought leader. She captivates audiences around the world, from the World Business Forum to local businesses, sharing insights on how the science of happiness can impact work and success. Her recent TEDx talk on how emotions influence innovation received a standing ovation, underscoring her ability to inspire change and make a lasting impact.

Silvia’s multicultural background enhances her ability to connect with diverse audiences. Her presentations are rich with awe-inspiring examples of applying the science of happiness at work, making her a versatile asset to organizations looking to improve their vision, culture, or bottom line.

Here are just some examples of Silvia’s keynote topics:

Seven +1 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work and Impact Your Business Results

It is a client’s favorite that Silvia keeps reinventing to match the audience’s current needs. She has performed versions of this presentation in more than 10 countries – and like few other leadership experts, Silvia captures the intersection between happiness at work and business results. She guides the audience to a better understanding of the competitive advantage that an emotionally safe workplace is and uncovers the seven + 1 ways to increase happiness at work and soar your KPIs. A must for all companies looking to get ahead in the market.

The Secret of Coca-Cola: The Art and Science of Marketing

Discover the marketing strategy that sets the most valued brands apart. Longtime director of marketing for Coca-Cola, Silvia has multiple success stories to illustrate how to combine the art and science of marketing. On the verge of business and neuroscience, Silvia will unveil how consumers’ brains react to different types of information and purchase situations. If you have a great product, service, or company and you want to reach your audience’s hearts and wallets, you do not want to miss this highly demanded keynote!

The Power of Me

A humanistic and captivating keynote about the science-based possibilities that each of us has to feel happier and fuel our success. Just as we are redefining work, Silvia discovers how to use resilience tools to recover happiness, and she’s got the toolbox ready for anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction at work, improve their relationships or live a happier life. “The Power of Me ” is a call to arms for resilience, for trusting the intellectual and the emotional in us, for reclaiming the science-based methods that have helped many become happier and successful. You will be taken on a journey that is also deeply personal for Silvia, and her views of what a truly humanistic world can and should look like. A must for all companies looking to provide their employees with science-based tools to maintain emotional wellbeing at work.

Silvia’s speeches have been described as transformative, capable of changing “lives and companies.” Whether your objectives relate to enhancing organizational culture or boosting profitability, Silvia offers eye-opening insights on how the science of happiness can foster a more successful, happier work environment.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your organization, bring Silvia Garcia to your next event. Her expertise in positive leadership, emotional marketing, and happiness at work is sure to inspire your team and elevate your business to new heights. Inspire change, boost happiness, and enhance success with Silvia Garcia.

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