Sacha Dekker

Sacha Dekker, an esteemed Learning and Talent Development executive, has a rich history of fostering inclusive, world-class learning experiences. With a journey marked by resilience and global expertise, Sacha is a beacon of inspiration in leadership and overcoming adversity.

Sacha Dekker: A Journey of Learning and Resilience

Born in the Netherlands, Sacha’s life has been a mosaic of global experiences, living in places like Geneva and South Africa, before settling in Dublin, Ireland, in 2012. Her career is marked by senior roles in Learning and Development (L&D) across various industries, encompassing both start-ups and established companies.

Sacha Dekker’s Academic Triumphs

November 2023 marked a significant milestone for Sacha, as she graduated with a master’s in Education, Learning & Development, securing 1st class honours and winning the award for best academic achievement. Her dissertation, focusing on social learning in a hybrid environment, underscores her commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable learning experiences. 

Overcoming Personal Adversity

Sacha Dekker’s life took an unexpected turn in 2015 following a supposed routine surgery. Left fully paralysed on her left side, she faced a daunting prognosis: it was unlikely she would ever walk, work, or live independently again. However, Sacha’s indomitable spirit shone through. Exactly two years after her surgery, she achieved the remarkable feat of walking on the Great Wall of China. In August 2023, she continued to defy the odds by completing a 115 km walk on the Camino de Santiago.

Inspiring Topics: Resilience, Leadership & Learning

Sacha Dekker is an embodiment of resilience and a positive mindset. Her talks encompass themes of overcoming adversity, disability awareness in the workplace and beyond, and the power of a resilient mindset. Through her experiences, Sacha offers invaluable insights into tackling life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Sacha’s influence extends beyond her personal triumphs to her professional expertise in leadership coaching. As an ICF certified coach, she has been instrumental in shaping the leadership journeys of executives at Fortune 500 companies. Her coaching style, enriched by her diverse experiences and personal challenges, brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to leadership development. This aspect of her career highlights her ability to mentor and guide others through their professional growth, making her an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Book Sacha For Your Next Event!

Sacha Dekker’s journey is a powerful narrative of triumph over adversity, blending professional expertise with personal resilience. To learn more about Sacha Dekker or to invite her to speak at your next event, contact us! With a journey marked by resilience and global expertise, Sacha is a beacon of inspiration in leadership and overcoming adversity.

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  • Overcoming adversity through mindset
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