Rachele Focardi

Thought-Leader in Employer Branding, Talent Strategy, Multigenerational Workforce, Asian Talent Market and Future of Work Strategic Advisor.

Rachele is a global thought-leader on Multigenerational Workforce, Employer Branding and Talent Strategy, and an expert on the Asian Talent Market. With 18 years industry experience – 15 of them with global leader Universum – Rachele advises the largest organizations in the world helping them to maximize and leverage their strengths as an employer and to lay the foundation for successful development of Employer Branding and Talent Strategies.

Since 2003, Rachele has spearheaded the Employer Branding movement, advocating that organisations and governments incorporate an Employer Branding Strategy into their workforce planning. She has shaped the industry by developing many of the frameworks that have become the foundation of Universum’s core methodology and that are now used by more than 2000 organisations worldwide as the pillars of their Employer Branding strategy.

Rachele’s love affair with Employer Branding started in 2001 when she realised the impact that running organisations with employee wellbeing as a key priority would have not only on the employers, but on society. In the last 18 years, she has advised hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, Asian organisations and Government Agencies on how to unveil their Employer Value Proposition and launch their Employer Branding practices at home and abroad. Throughout the years, she has witnessed many of them rise to the top as employers-of-choice as a direct result of the Employer Branding and Talent strategies she helped them develop.

During the rise of the Millennials, Rachele discovered a passion for helping employers adapt to the needs of the new generations, bridge the generational divide and harmonise the multigenerational workforce. She believes that with Generation Z – and hence 5 generations now in the workforce – contextual understanding is fundamental, and fostering a culture of cross-generational collaboration is essential to ensure that new generations are enabled and better equipped to drive impact and innovation, thus bringing the business into the future.

Rachele is a renowned, influential and engaging speaker. She is invited to present on global talent and generational trends at leading conferences and seminars around the globe and is often quoted in top media. She is the author “Harmonizing the Multigenerational Workforce – Beyond Stereotypes: Thinking Generationally from Baby Boomers to Generation Z” that will be published by McGraw Hill in the Fall of 2020.

In her previous life she was main anchor and international network correspondent for CNBC in Italy. She is also a member or MENSA.


What people say about Rachele Focardi

“Rachele’s rich insights of workplace trends for early professionals has helped bring great clarity and set the foundation for our strategic workings. She combines her incredible passion for Employer Branding with great strategic thinking. In addition she has extraordinary communications skills that never fail to impress: even when presenting loads of data she is always able to keep me and other stakeholders fully engaged for the entire delivery. Simply put, a Superstar in her field. It’s been a pleasure working with her.”

“Rachele is a recognizable expert on the topic of employer branding and multigenerational workforces and the changing dynamics of the workplace. An engaging and powerful speaker with relevant insights and case studies to back up her thinking. A welcome sounding board who is open to new ideas and willing to share informed points of view.”

“Rachele is partnering with me to develop our employer brand. Rachele is the quintessential senior executive in the global employer branding space. Her global and country knowledge on employer branding and millenial mindset particularly in Asia Pacific is unrivalled. Highly energetic, intellectually gifted, passionate and an incredibly powerful speaker, Rachele is highly influential in getting executive buy in to her ideas. High on integrity and delivery, it is an honour to partner with Rachele!” 

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