Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed is a renowned author and speaker specializing in high performance and mindset. With a rich portfolio of seven best-selling books and a distinguished career in journalism and table tennis, he offers invaluable insights on achieving excellence, embracing diverse thinking, and fostering continuous improvement in complex environments.

Matthew Syed: Mastering the Art of High Performance

Matthew Syed is a distinguished author and highly acclaimed speaker specializing in high performance and mindset, offering transformative insights that foster continuous improvement and innovation within individuals and organizations.

Prolific Author and Insightful Thinker

Matthew Syed has penned seven bestselling books, enlightening readers about the elements of mindset and high performance. His notable works include “Bounce,” “Black Box Thinking,” “Rebel Ideas,” and “The Greatest.” He has also authored celebrated children’s books like “What Do You Think?”, “You Are Awesome,” and “Dare To Be You,” each one a testament to his versatile approach to imparting wisdom.

In his acclaimed book, “Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking,” Matthew unveils the significance of cognitive diversity in solving intricate issues of today’s world. He brings forth insights from various disciplines, including psychology, anthropology, and data science, illustrating his concepts with a myriad of compelling case studies. This book exemplifies Matthew’s innovative approach to high performance, stressing the need for diverse intellectual resources to navigate a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Renowned Journalist and Broadcaster

Matthew is a multi-award-winning journalist contributing to The Times and The Sunday Times and is the presenter of the BBC Radio 4 program, “Sideways”. His profound insights and engaging demeanor have made him a sought-after contributor to television and radio.

England’s Table Tennis Prodigy

Before embarking on his journey as an author and speaker, Matthew had a successful career in sports, representing England as the number one table tennis player for nearly a decade.

Advocate for Growth Mindset and Continuous Improvement

Matthew’s work is pivotal for organizations striving for a future-proofed environment, encouraging a mindset of continual improvement and innovation. He emphasizes the close connection between mindset and high performance, aiding organizations in unleashing untapped potential within their teams.

Matthew is also the co-founder of Matthew Syed Consulting (MSC), an entity recognized for driving higher performance within diverse teams and organizations. MSC’s thought leadership programs and digital learning tools have been instrumental in instigating tangible, enduring change within the business and public sectors.

Devotion to Education and Youth Development

With a firm belief in the transformative power of the right mindset, Matthew is closely involved with the educational sector, aiding in fostering growth mindsets among the youth. He is a founding member of the charity Greenhouse Sports and serves as an ambassador for the PiXL Educational Foundation.

Matthew’s dedication to youth development and education is evident in his endeavors to improve mindsets in schools and amongst the youth, ensuring a robust foundation for the leaders of tomorrow.

Explore Transformative Insights with Matthew Syed

Discover the profound insights and groundbreaking ideas of Matthew Syed, a master of high performance and diverse thinking. Embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment with Matthew’s revolutionary thoughts, helping your organization or team unlock uncharted territories of potential and innovation.Embrace the chance to elevate your perspective with Matthew Syed’s pioneering thoughts. Click here to book Matthew Syed, the expert on high performance and diverse thinking, and embark on a transformative journey to success and innovation.

What people say about Matthew Syed

“One of the best keynote speakers I have ever listened to! Thought-provoking content, constant audience interaction, and a needed reminder, that we should be a ‘learn-it-all’ and not a ‘know-it-all’!”

“A gripping read, full of intelligence and perspective.”

“It highlights the need for a growth mindset in life…It advocates for changing attitudes towards failure, and understanding that the only way we learn is by trying things and altering our behaviour based on the results.”

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