Ian Thomas

A leading motivational speaker, he shares lessons from his experience with studying Lion prides in the wild.

Ian Thomas is a business graduate who’s studied lions at close quarters during 20 years as a game ranger in Africa. In his high energy and deeply motivational presentations, he uses that deep knowledge to transform teams.  A dynamic and inspiring presenter, Ian believes business people can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom. Sound business sense is interlaced with humour and an ability to tell stories. The audience leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues resulting in immense “take home business value”.

The study of lions in the wild has involved Ian in far more than the gathering of biological data. Discussions with business men and women while viewing lions has made him aware of the social interaction, hunting techniques and defence strategies among individual lions with vastly different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. His two keynote addresses, The Power of the Pride and The Spoor of Success have been heard by delegates in thousands of companies in more than 30 countries.

The Power of the Pride is a riveting and informative account of how lions, the only cats that hunt in teams, can be compared with how businesses operate as teams.

The Spoor of Success illustrates how a daunting challenge can be a powerful motivator, with the potential to lift the performance of both the individual and the business.

Ian’s presentation style is extremely energetic; parts of it are so physical that he warms up to avoid injury!

His book, ‘The Power of the Pride’ is a bestseller. He is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows and has featured in many local and international management magazines. He is also one of South Africa’s foremost wildlife photographers.


What people say about Ian Thomas

“Through your “Power of the Pride” you managed to connect, and unite, every single person in our audience of 450.  One of the most difficult things to achieve is a common platform in a very diverse audience:  you held them in the palm of your hand – executives, middle managers, call centre staff – every single one of them hanging of every word! It was incredible!  The message of team work and collaboration hit home – and I can’t describe the change in energy and in attitude after the session.”

“It was very satisfying to me, as organiser of the workshop, to continuously hear delegates referring back to the messages presented by Ian, as well as seeing the delegates applying some of the principles discussed by Ian, during the rest of the workshop.”

“A gripping and inspirational presentation – the animal kingdom teaches us basic common-sense business principles which on application could have an awesome effect on our performance.”

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  • The Power of the Pride – Teamwork
  • The Spoor of Success – Facing Challenges
  • Adapting to Change – Thriving on Change