Hans Van Grieken

Hans van Grieken

An engaging, powerful and extremely energetic and passionate keynote and corporate speaker with a broad experience across the world.

Hans van Grieken is currently the EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader and part of Deloitte’s global Emerging Tech Executive Council.

He joined Deloitte in August 2016 coming in from Gartner where he was a VP of Research. In this role he helps shape Deloitte’s global research agenda in addition to identifying & driving a number of EMEA research initiatives.

Hans is the lead or co-author of a number of recent Deloitte global and regional digital transformation research papers, amongst them 9 shifts that are changing the Digital Technology Operating Model of the Future (one of two lead-authors) and TechTrends 2019 (contributing author and global Conference and Boardroom speaker) and Dutch Digital DNA demystified (lead author).

Hans frequently addresses international boardrooms and conferences, assisting leaders to better understand the fundamental technology driven changes that shape their business world, navigate short-term challenges and identify long-term opportunities.

Hans is also a part-time Executive Lecturer at Nyenrode Business School on the topic of Digital Disruption and Innovation and since 2009 a supervisory board member at Priva, world market-leader in greenhouse climate management and process optimization.


What people say about Hans van Grieken

“As the Chair to the Future Force Conference, Hans van Grieken demonstrated considerable talent in managing a complex, time- sensitive and technically challenging two-day conference, interviewing dignitaries and top speakers from across the world on current military affairs and the challenges of industry. Although sometimes confronting and straight forward, his interview style was considered to be relevant, engaging and distinctively humorous by almost all attendees. By leading the conference the way he did, Van Grieken made a considerable contribution to its success.”

“Your presentation made a large contribution to the success of our Event. We received multiple feedback from senior EU executives and participants on the pertinence, the depth and the quality of your presentation.”

“Hans van Grieken was the Keynote speaker at our Bond Healthcare with participants from across North America. His presentation of a complex subject matter was exciting, stimulating, mind bending, challenging and beautifully presented in an amusing and strangely digestible style. I would recommend Hans to add authority, panache and zest to any programme whatsoever. He’s a brilliant speaker and he knows his stuff!”

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