Dr Madeleine de Hauke

Dr Madeleine de Hauke, a medical doctor and executive coach with over 25 years of experience, specializes in leadership and empowerment. Renowned as a speaker and visiting professor, she offers transformative insights in leadership and effective meeting strategies.

Dr Madeleine de Hauke: Blending Medicine and Leadership

Dr Madeleine de Hauke’s journey began with a solid foundation in medicine, but her aspirations transcended the traditional boundaries of healthcare. Over 25 years, she has carved a niche in the Life Sciences industry, contributing significantly across Europe and Asia. Her experience includes addressing Employee Resource Groups in global giants like State Street Bank, BNYMellon, and Johnson & Johnson, alongside dynamic roles in burgeoning startups such as UniQure.

The Art of Public Speaking

As a two-time TEDx speaker, Dr Madeleine de Hauke has mastered the art of captivating audiences. Her speaking engagements are not limited to just the corporate world; she also imparts her wisdom as a visiting professor at esteemed institutions like Antwerp, KU Leuven, and Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Her focus? Leadership and Empowerment. Her insights have been featured in renowned publications like the Financial Times and Inc., underscoring her influence in meeting optimization.

Unlocking Leadership Potential

Dr Madeleine de Hauke specializes in unlocking the leadership potential within individuals. Whether it’s a strategic off-site meeting or an engaging employee session, her ability to deliver impactful messages is unparalleled. Her keynotes are not just speeches; they are interactive experiences that engage, energize, and empower attendees. Participants leave her sessions feeling bold and ready to leverage their unique strengths.

Her stage presence is often described as mesmerizing. Dr Madeleine de Hauke has a unique ability to communicate universally, resonating with even the most introverted audience members. This universal language she speaks ignites the inner strengths of her listeners, encouraging them to utilize their ‘Superpowers’ for collective success.

The Meetings Doctor: Transforming Corporate Meetings

Dubbed as the ‘Meetings Doctor’, Dr Madeleine de Hauke’s approach to corporate meetings is revolutionary. She introduces simple yet powerful mindset shifts and habits that transform meetings from tedious obligations to productive sessions. Her strategies create a positive ripple effect, enhancing team and organizational efficiency. The result? Fewer, but more effective meetings that not only drive results but also free up time for critical thinking and work.

Book Dr Madeleine de Hauke For Your Next Event!

Dr Madeleine de Hauke is more than just a speaker; she is a catalyst for change in the corporate world. Her unique blend of medical knowledge and leadership acumen makes her an invaluable asset to any event. To experience the transformational power of her insights, contact us for your next corporate event.

What people say about Dr Madeleine de Hauke

“Madeleine is one of the greatest Motivational Speakers I have ever had the chance to work with during a Workshop for State Street’s NextGen. She has the special gift of being able to gain people’s attention and making an impact on them”

“By applying Madeleine’s tips, I was able to get really focused in a recent meeting I chaired and get the results I wanted. I have no doubt we would have discussed priorities and looped round and round but not made progress – necessitating another meeting and so on. Honestly, I think I saved myself (and everyone else in the meeting) months! Great outcome, clear vision and now I have a way forward.”

“During our last Switzerland Convention & Incentive digital event, Madeleine delivered an excellent talk on lessons from the virtual world. Her dynamism and inspiration made this event a success. She is thorough, entertaining and an excellent communicator. I hope I will have the pleasure to work together in the future.”

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