Dominic Alldis

Dominic Alldis is a distinguished musician and innovative business speaker, renowned for creating transformative learning experiences. He combines rich musical insights with business wisdom, addressing key areas like leadership, innovation, and collaboration in today’s dynamic business environment.

Dominic Alldis: Blending Music & Business

Dominic Alldis is a special kind of genius who brings together the worlds of music and business, creating learning experiences that are both enjoyable and enlightening.

A Man of Many Talents

Dominic is a talented and versatile musician who can do it all, whether it’s leading an orchestra, playing jazz piano, or teaching at top music schools. He skillfully bridges the gap between classical music and jazz, making him a unique figure in both the musical and business worlds.

Dominic is all about exploring and combining different musical styles and using his findings to enlighten the modern business world. He believes in balancing the structured, team-oriented approach of classical music with the spontaneous, innovative spirit of jazz.

Inspiring Speaker and Teacher

For over 15 years, Dominic has been working with top companies and business schools to deliver music-based learning experiences to executives. His engaging talks cover a range of important business topics like leadership, teamwork, creativity, and innovation, making a lasting impact on his audience.

Dominic’s talks often include live music, from full orchestras to small jazz bands, providing a varied and rich experience that helps clarify complex business ideas and strategies.

Leader in Innovation and Change

Dominic Alldis is not just a musical maestro, but also a business visionary. He combines the precision of classical music with the creativity of jazz to help companies find their rhythm and make bold, innovative moves in their industries.

Dominic Alldis shows us the power of combining different worlds, offering a fresh and exciting view on business thinking and strategy. His unique blend of musical and business knowledge makes him a priceless resource for organizations looking to explore new ideas and leadership styles.

Experience the world of Dominic Alldis and elevate your event with his creative and insightful musical experiences. He’s here to inspire and guide your team through the exciting world of business strategy and leadership.

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What people say about Dominic Alldis

“Your session was in the top 10 of the week in terms of attendance and has generated lots of buzz in terms of feedback since. Thank you to you and your team for pulling it off over time zones and virtually. The content and delivery were spot on!”

“Thanks for what you shared with the team. It did have a real impact and helped land some of the key themes we have been working on as a team…”

“It was a fascinating session with standing ovations for Dominic and the musicians. Thank you for bringing this amazing suggestion to our attention…”

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  • Leadership, Teamwork & Innovation – Using music as a metaphor for the world of business
  • Balancing Strategic Alignment with Creative Independence – Compare a classical and jazz approach to business
  • Leadership, Collaboration, Listening and Trust – Sit within a live orchestra and engage in an interactive discussion
  • Flexibility, Creativity and Performance – Listen to a live jazz band and engage in an interactive discussion