Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr

An authoritative, charismatic and witty speaker, Andrew Marr is a seasoned political commentator well known as an informed and entertaining TV personality, newspaper columnist, and TV interviewer.

Andrew Marr is a highly regarded political journalist, and host of The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1. On this agenda-setting programme, he interviews key newsmakers and shines a light on what’s happening in the world. He is well rehearsed in interpreting Westminster gossip and intrigue, and in making it relevant to viewers.

After an English degree at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he admits he was a ‘raving leftie’, Andrew went straight into journalism. By 1988 he was Political Editor of The Economist, then he moved to The Independent where he became Editor in 1996. He was BBC Political Editor from 2000 to 2005, making him one of the best known faces on British television. He also presented the Radio 4 programme, Start the Week, from 2002 to 2013.

Andrew is a best-selling author who has published seven books: “The Battle for Scotland” (1992); “Ruling Britannia” (1996); “The Day Britain Died” (2000); “My Trade” (2004); “A History of Modern Britain” (2007); “A History of Modern Britain part 2” (2009); “The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People” (27 October 2011); and “A History of the World” (2012).

He has received more than a dozen major awards for writing and broadcasting – including from BAFTA, the Royal Television Society and the Broadcasting Press Guild, which awarded two prizes for the Andrew Marr Show and Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain.

What people say about Andrew Marr

“Andrew was lovely to work with and he gave a great speech.”
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“Andrew was lovely to work with and he gave a great speech.”

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