Monte Königs

Monte Königs (1990) is an expert on future human behaviour, societal change & business strategy. He works as a speaker and leadership trainer at WHETSTON / strategic foresight. Monte specialises in the future of technology, trust & ethics.

Monte is a sociologist with a research master in Urban Studies. Next to speaking, he takes on roles as moderator & trainer and is a trusted coach for top management. He has worked as a researcher for Ipsos Market Research and Motivaction International. In 2017 he was nominated for Young Research Talent of the Year in the Netherlands.

As a speaker, Monte canbe characterised by his friendly and refreshingly honest style. He excels in interactivity – exactly what the modern audience wants!

The Human Side of Technology 

The world is digitalising fast: IoT, Automation, (Emotion) AI, VR/AR, digital assistants and so on… But how will people and society respond? Research shows many new innovations will be ready before human beings are ready for it.

How can we embrace new technologies? As people and as organisations?How can organisations strike the perfect (digital) balance between the human & the machine?

Future Ethics in a Digital Age 

The topic of ethics is rapidly transforming from an abstract, intellectual inquiry to an urgent, practical challenge for any future oriented organisation. From AI Ethics teams to a personal ethics-toolkit and from activist CEO’s to measuring ESG (environment, social & governance) performance: future ethics are relevant for all professionals and organisations.

Why should discussing ethics be part of any business conversation? How to be an ethical leader in the 2020’s?How should society program human ethics in AI?

The Trust Transition 

In a low-trust, post-truth world with an abundance of choice, unlimited information and the rise of fake news, trust is slowly, but steadily moving away form the ‘formal and institutionalised’ towards the ‘personal and informal’.

What does this impact personal & digital decision making?How can we enhance trust? On an organisational and leadership level?


What people say about Monte Königs

“Monte held a mirror up to the employees of the Red Cross with enthusiasm and passion. He used relevant examples to bring the theme to life and convey the message of embracing and securing ethics in our organisation.”

“In day-to-day business it can be quite difficult to pose the ethical questions we should ask ourselves each day. By sharing his view on business and ethics, Monte has inspired me. He takes you on a journey full of questions and examples that stimulate this self-reflection. With a laugh, some astonishing insights, great content and style, this natural storyteller knows how to seduce people into action. As a matter of fact, Monte’s session is a must for every organisation. It will make the world a better place.”

“I was immediately struck by Monte’s thought provoking insights, yet personable and interactive style of engagement. So impressed was I, that I immediately booked him for the two upcoming gatherings of senior Veolia executives. Based on his talks we took concrete actions to ameliorate how we as an organisation communicate and market ourselves.”

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