Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Nature-centered designer and biomimicry expert.

Daphne holds a PhD in biomimicry (University of Akron, USA). She’s a connector of people, ideas, disciplines and places.

She is a proven innovator, from seeing unexpected opportunities to effectively developing them and putting them on the map.

During her PhD training she co-founded two startups: Jaswig, out of a personal need for a sustainable and convenient standing desk; and Hedgemon, an R&D startup developing a hedgehog-inspired impact technology. After scaling up successfully, Jaswig was acquired by the American B Corp Fully in 2018.

As an innovation consultant at the global strategy and business design firm, Board of Innovation, she conducted workshops and training courses for corporate clients, all over the world and from almost every sector (food, finance, automotive, healthcare).

Her common thread is found in sustainable innovation and nature-centered design. Daphne is an eloquent and enthusiastic advocate in her writings and lectures.

Biomimicry allowed Daphne to see the world from another perspective: one where humans are part of nature.   She is a true expert when it comes to learning from and mimicking the strategies found in nature to solve human challenges and develop future-proof and planet-friendly innovation strategies.

As an advisor and keynote speaker, she inspires corporate audiences to learn from nature’s forms, processes and ecosystems to be truly sustainable innovators.


What people say about Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Daphne is committed and makes things happen. She is a true challenger and has a diverse academic and professional background which allows her to connect the dots and bring new perspectives in. Her knowledge, passion and belief in nature-led innovation is so significant and credible that after she joined our company, these topics gained much more importance internally, but also had a huge impact on our client projects. Ask her to introduce you to biomimicry and what we as individuals and organisation can learn from the nature, and you’ll be surprised. You might even consider going back to school to study mushrooms.

Daphne is a brilliant thinker and speaker that I had the chance to work with for our 2019 Global Innovation Forum in London. She was part of a fantastic speaker line-up along with representatives from Twitter, LEGO, Airbnb, MIT, Bayer, IKEA and many others. Daphne delivered a thought-provoking and interesting talk on nature-centered biomimicry thinking. Her presentation style was relaxed, engaging and entertaining. The audience left inspired and motivated to innovate together for a better future.

On a personal level, she was very easy-going and great to work with. I hope we will have the chance to collaborate again in future and would definitely recommend her as an experienced and passionate innovator.

Daphne is a talented and passionate professional with roots in biomimicry and innovation. Her positive energy and creativity are catching and her knowledge of nature- inspired solutions is profound. It was always a joy to collaborate with Daphne!

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  • Shifting our innovation mindset to thinking outside
  • Nature’s lessons in becoming more anti-fragile
  • Using Nature-centered designing thinking to create future proof organizations
  • Tailored keynotes to a specific topic, e.g. what healthcare, fashion, financial services can learn from nature.