Danny Thorniley

Danny Thorniley, a distinguished economist and expert in global and emerging markets, especially Russia, has influenced top businesses worldwide with his expertise and dynamic presentation style.

Danny Thorniley: Economist Par Excellence

Danny Thorniley stands out in the world of economics and global business trends. As the President of DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH, he brings a wealth of experience, especially in the CEEMEA region and Russia, to the forefront of global economic analysis.

A Career Built on Global Insights

Thorniley’s journey in the business world is nothing short of remarkable. His 23-year tenure as Senior VP at The Economist Group in Vienna underscored his deep understanding of global corporate business trends. This role solidified Danny Thorniley’s reputation as an authority on international business dynamics, particularly in emerging markets.

At DT-Global Business Consulting, Danny Thorniley’s expertise transcends theoretical knowledge. He works closely with over 330 key clients, offering bespoke advice on business strategy in global and emerging markets. His services, ranging from in-depth position papers to engaging in-house presentations, showcase his ability to tailor his knowledge to real-world business needs.

Deep Insights into Emerging Markets

Thorniley’s expertise in emerging markets and the CEEMEA region is unparalleled. His operational knowledge in these areas, combined with his ability to forge strong relationships with senior executives at major corporations, positions him as a go-to expert for businesses looking to navigate these markets.

Thorniley’s impact is evidenced by the high regard in which he’s held by industry leaders. Sir John Major, former British Prime Minister, hailed him as “The world’s leading business expert on emerging markets.” Such endorsements underscore Danny Thorniley’s standing as a trusted advisor in the corporate world.

A Diverse and Rich Career

Danny Thorniley’s career is marked by versatility and depth. His role in non-executive and advisory capacities for major corporations further amplifies his influence in the global business arena. His educational background from Oxford University, coupled with his published works, adds academic rigor to his practical insights.

Apart from his corporate engagements, Danny Thorniley has made significant contributions to academic institutions. His guest presentations at prestigious universities like Oxford and the University of Chicago highlight his commitment to sharing knowledge with the next generation of business leaders.

An Engaging and Charismatic Speaker

Renowned for his charisma and humor, Danny Thorniley brings a unique flavor to his presentations. His style, marked by an avoidance of PowerPoint slides, makes complex economic analyses accessible and engaging. This approach has earned him accolades, including being rated as the “best speaker” repeatedly by Executive MBA students at the University of Chicago.

Danny Thorniley’s blend of humor, expertise, and real-world experience makes him an invaluable asset to any discussion on global and emerging markets. For those looking to engage with his insights or seek his consultancy services, please visit our contact page for more information.

What people say about Danny Thorniley

I have had the pleasure of knowing Danny (Thorniley) for many years and turned to him for global analysis. He is the worlds leading expert on emerging markets and global trends and I wish he had worked for me in my government

“Danny Thorniley is a multi-media “happening”: position papers on all business issues and regions, the best speeches in the world which are simply fascinating, his videos and DVDs of his speeches. The output is phenomenal. My colleagues and I have been privileged to know Danny for several years. He is unique in his analysis of the global business environment. No one is more accurate, frank, provoking and so extremely funny.”

“Achieved the highest ranking from the University of Chicago MBA students on twelve occasions out of twelve. He does this each year. This is unheard of. He also received two standing ovations after one presentation. The executive students love him.”

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  • Doing business in Europe, Central Eastern Europe and Middle East
  • Global geo-politics: USA, China, Europe
  • World leading expert on business in Russia and CIS