Danny Thorniley

A leading economist and expert in global and emerging markets, with a focus on Russia ,who has advised some of the world’s best known businesses.

Danny Thorniley is President of DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH (an LLC company) and co-founder of the CEEMEA Business Group which advises senior executives on global business trends. DT-Global Business Consulting is Danny’s own consultancy company based in Vienna through which he works with some 330 key clients on business strategy in global, and markets and the CEEMEA region and Russia.

The services he provides include written position papers, presentation slides and private client meetings as well as in-house presentations. He is also invited to make some 60 speeches/presentations by clients across the world on global business trends, business operations, emerging markets, corporate best practice.

Sir John Major, the former British prime Minister has called Danny “The world’s leading business expert on emerging markets”

For 23 years Danny was Senior VP at The Economist Group, Vienna on global corporate business trends.

Danny is regarded as a charismatic speaker who can present detailed business and economic analysis in an easily digestible fashion with a great deal of genuine humour. Danny is renowned for not using PowerPoint presentation slides — never.

Dr Thorniley has also given guest presentations at Executive MBA courses on behalf of Oxford University, the University of Chicago, IESE (Spain) and the Central European University in Budapest. The executive MBA students at Chicago rated him “best speaker” on 12 occasions out of 12 over 5 years.

Danny has exceptional skill sets in global business strategy, business in emerging markets and CEEMEA and hands-operational knowledge of business operations, distribution, partnerships, investments and human resource issues.

He has worked on a personal basis with 330 companies operating in emerging markets for 30 years and has personal contacts with most senior western MNCs operating in the CEEMEA region and beyond. He makes frequent presentations at CEO and Board level (over 100). He has personal friendships with leading executives in Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, Raiffeisen, Robert Bosch and many, many others.

He holds and has held a number of non-executive and advisory board memberships with major European and US corporations including the Global Advisory Board of the US company Aecom.

Dr Thorniley was educated at Oxford University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a diploma and a doctorate degree in Soviet political economy.

He has published three books, including one on Russia with Macmillan (UK/USA) and two with Profile books on Doing Business in Global Emerging Markets.

What people say about Danny Thorniley

I have had the pleasure of knowing Danny (Thorniley) for many years and turned to him for global analysis. He is the worlds leading expert on emerging markets and global trends and I wish he had worked for me in my government

“Danny Thorniley is a multi-media “happening”: position papers on all business issues and regions, the best speeches in the world which are simply fascinating, his videos and DVDs of his speeches. The output is phenomenal. My colleagues and I have been privileged to know Danny for several years. He is unique in his analysis of the global business environment. No one is more accurate, frank, provoking and so extremely funny.”

“Achieved the highest ranking from the University of Chicago MBA students on twelve occasions out of twelve. He does this each year. This is unheard of. He also received two standing ovations after one presentation. The executive students love him.”

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  • Global Economic and Business Outlook and Dynamics
  • Doing business in Europe, Central Eastern Europe and Middle East
  • Global geo-politics: USA, China, Europe
  • World leading expert on business in Russia and CIS