Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi

An author, international speaker, and consultant. She has written for The Guardian, TES, Times, Daily Mail, Independent, The Spectator, Marie Claire and has had her writing syndicated internationally.

Chloe’s first book, Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives was published by Random House in 2015 and is the culmination of interviews with 3000 + teenagers.  It has been picked up for a series with a major international broadcaster. She is currently writing her second non-fiction book on the next generation – which has already been optioned for a major series with a major broadcaster. Since her the publication of her first book, her research has expanded to 10,000 members of Gen Z globally, and she aims to tackle Generation A in 2020 and beyond.

She has worked with young people all her career, first as a teacher and then as a media and political researcher and advisor. Chloe has worked at the London Mayor’s Office, advising on youth policies and has been involved in strategizing with both the Conservative and Labour Party. She has worked in government quangos and is currently advising on the important issues of happiness and well-being of young people in 2020. She is currently advising a candidate in the US Democratic race on the youth vote. She has written for The Guardian, TES, Times, Daily Mail, Independent, The Spectator, Marie Claire and has had her writing syndicated internationally. She is also writing a column for Vice on global youth culture.

She has just started a project called the Sixteen Project, which aims to enable and help all young people to campaign and be activists. The first project based in Norway was hugely successful and was met with acclaim and wide media coverage, and transformed the language and perception around a major environmental and sustainability issue, with young people.

She has become a sought-out speaker on a wide range of issues, including (but not limited to) teenagers, education, young people in the work place, sex, social media, politics, pop culture in the 21st century, brands, brand relationships, youth culture, beauty and self-esteem. She is a canny and noted prognosticator, recognising and identifying trends early, and helping many stay ahead of the game.  It is her access to and understanding of the next generations that makes her particularly sought after, as she is able to offer real insight into how current and future generations are behaving – and why –  and what the future looks like for business, brands, education and organisations.

She advises many global brands, companies and political think-tanks, particularly on innovation and how to “future proof” and her clients range from the European Central Bank, Google, Barclays, UNICEF, the UN, Porsche, Nike, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, Facebook and many more.

She was educated at Oxford University currently lives in London.

What people say about Chloe Combi

“Chloe’s talk at Google in London was brilliantly informative, helping us to understand today’s teenagers and how they view the world around them. A knowledgeable speaker, I would be very happy to host Chloe to speak again.”

“Chloe was just right for our pre-dinner slot. People were talking about her contribution right up until the end of the conference and emails continue to fly!”


“Chloe’s presentations about the Generation Z not only inspired us but also gave us food for thoughts. Our employees were excited – not least because of her authentic and vivid presentation style. She enriched our Management meeting 2019.”

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