Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi is an expert on Gen Z and Gen A, has significantly shaped our understanding of youth through her pioneering research, diverse collaborations, and global speaking engagements.

Chloe Combi’s Invaluable Insights into Youth and Culture

Chloe Combi stands out as a leading authority on Generation Z and Generation A. Her groundbreaking work began with the seminal book “Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives.” This was just the starting point of a journey that led her to interview over 20,000 young individuals, deepening her understanding and expertise on the matter. Her efforts have not only shed light on these younger generations but also sparked broader conversations across various platforms.

The Breadth of Chloe Combi’s Research

Chloe’s extensive research is not just limited to her books. She has created a widely acclaimed Apple #1 podcast titled “You Don’t Know Me,” which delves into the intricate lives of teenagers. Additionally, her work includes the SXSW-runner up Meta series “Weird Times,” which focuses on teenage mental health. Her research, covering hundreds of pieces, has been instrumental for global brands, governments, and organizations, positioning her as a sought-after expert in understanding the youth’s psyche and trends.

A Diverse Portfolio of Work

Chloe Combi’s expertise has led to collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands. Companies like the UN, UNICEF, ECB, Barclay’s, TikTok, Porsche, Google, Apple, Meta, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson have all sought her insights. Her unique perspective on the youngest generations makes her an invaluable asset for brands looking to connect with this demographic.

Chloe’s work transcends various mediums and platforms. She has been an integral part of an American presidential campaign and has spoken in over 50 countries. Her regular contributions to publications and frequent appearances on TV and radio discussing her work underline her versatility and the widespread demand for her insights.

A Hands-On Approach to Generational Studies

What truly differentiates Chloe Combi as a generational expert is her hands-on approach. She actively engages with hundreds of schools, focusing on critical areas such as mental health, sex, identity, gender relationships, social media, and well-being. Her commitment to these issues is further exemplified by her co-founding of The Respect Project, addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth.

Chloe’s understanding of modern young people’s lives is unparalleled. Her work not only provides insights but also offers solutions and guidance to help young people navigate their challenges. Being labeled as a ‘futurist,’ she emphasizes that her role involves studying the future through the lens of younger generations, with a track record of accurate predictions.

Global Reach and Education

Having attended Oxford University, Chloe Combi’s academic background is as impressive as her professional endeavors. Based in London, she embraces opportunities globally, traveling wherever her expertise is requested. This international perspective enriches her work, allowing her to draw upon diverse experiences and insights.

Book Chloe Combi For Your Next Event

Chloe Combi is not just an expert on Generations Z and A; she is a visionary, shaping the discourse around modern youth and their future. Her multifaceted career is a testament to her commitment and expertise in understanding and guiding young generations. For more information or to book Chloe Combi to speak at your next event, contact us here.

What people say about Chloe Combi

“Chloe’s talk at Google in London was brilliantly informative, helping us to understand today’s teenagers and how they view the world around them. A knowledgeable speaker, I would be very happy to host Chloe to speak again.”

“Her work and ideas were transformative and elevated the project she was working on to something truly special.”


“Chloe’s presentations about the Generation Z not only inspired us but also gave us food for thoughts. Our employees were excited – not least because of her authentic and vivid presentation style. She enriched our Management meeting 2019.”

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