Breda McCague

Breda McCague

Embark on the inspiring journey of Breda McCague, a dynamic leader who transitioned from military excellence to impactful roles in global finance and emotional intelligence. Her story exemplifies a paradigm shift in leadership, blending resilience, innovation, and emotional acuity.

Breda McCague: A Diverse Path in Leadership and Empowerment

At 17, Breda McCague embarked on an exceptional journey, joining the Irish Reserve Infantry Defence Forces and becoming one of the first girls in Irish history to do so. Her early years in the military, where she rose to the position of the unit’s first Female Lieutenant, laid the foundation for her future roles in leadership.

From Military Grounds to Global Finance

Transitioning from military to finance, Breda McCague has been a transformative figure in global financial institutions since 2000. Her part-time role as Director of Emotional Excellence in an International Financial Consultancy highlights her unique approach to leadership, blending financial acumen with emotional intelligence.

Championing Women’s Leadership: Lean In Ireland

Breda’s commitment to empowering women in leadership manifested in co-founding Lean In Ireland in 2016. This initiative, part of a global foundation, focuses on helping women achieve ambitious goals, addressing critical issues like gender pay gaps and representation in senior boards.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

In 2017, Breda’s focus shifted to Emotional Intelligent Leadership. Accredited as a coach, she began delivering insightful talks on leadership, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. Her keynotes, renowned for their liveliness and depth, are sought after globally for their transformative impact.

Accolades and Recognition: A Testament to Breda’s Impact

Breda McCague’s efforts in leadership and empowerment have earned her significant accolades, including the Women of the Year title at the Women in Finance Ireland Awards in 2021. Her recognition as a finalist in the STEM Mentor of the Year Awards underscores her influence and dedication.

Book Breda McCague To Speak At Your Next Event!

Breda McCague’s journey is a testament to the power of adaptive and emotionally intelligent leadership. Her experiences from military service to the forefront of global finance and emotional intelligence offer invaluable insights for any aspiring leader. To learn more about her transformative methods, or to invite Breda McCague to your next event, please feel free to reach out. Join a growing community of professionals and organizations benefitting from her innovative leadership and empowerment strategies.

What people say about Breda McCague

“Breda facilitated a leadership keynote for one of our operations team effectiveness sessions. Breda skillfully wove in key leadership insights whilst sharing her leadership journey in a style and was relatable to individual contributors and leaders of large teams in equal measure. Breda is facilitates with high energy transitioning key talking points into practical actions for the team. I’m happy to recommend Breda has a leadership facilitator or trainer and wish her continued success.”

“Thank you for an insightful presentation. You managed to catch the attention of the team and created a very interactive session with lots of positive energy.

The practical recommendations you gave, I believe, will definitely be used and tried out. Personally, I appreciated you highlighting teamwork and that we all have a responsibility for creating a positive and welcoming working place. And that it all starts with ourselves, by getting to know ourselves.

Really grateful also that you took time to attend our dinner in the evening, it gave everyone the opportunity to continue the dialogue with you and ask questions.”

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